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Image Use Policy
Image Fees
Publication Fees
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Image Use Policy

The Greenwich Historical Society does not own the copyright to many items in its collections. In some instances, copyright has lapsed or the copyright owner may be uncertain or difficult to determine. It is your responsibility to determine if your intended use violates copyright, to determine the owner of the copyright and/or to obtain any necessary permissions from the copyright owner. You, the user, are legally liable for complying with the provisions of copyright law. For additional information on copyright, visit

You may download low-resolution, watermarked images available on this site for personal use only. Permission from the Greenwich Historical Society is not required for personal use, such as academic study, research or displaying prints made from these low-resolution/watermarked images in your home.

High-resolution images without a watermark may be available. An image fee is charged on a per image basis. Publication/exhibition fees may also apply, depending on your intended use of the image.

You must obtain permission from the Greenwich Historical Society for any public use of an image. This includes exhibition/display of an image in a public space and/or publication of an image. Please contact the archivist to discuss the details of your project and for an Application for Permission to Publish. There is a publication/exhibition fee associated with any public use of an image. This fee is charged on a per image basis and is in addition to any applicable image fees. Granting of permission to publish does not absolve the end user from copyright liabilities.

The Greenwich Historical Society must be credited as the image source in any public use of an image, including exhibition or publication. The minimum required credit is: Courtesy of the Greenwich Historical Society.

Permission for the public use of an image is granted for a single, specific use of the image as defined in the Application for Permission to Publish. Any reuse of an image requires a new request and payment of new image/publication fees.

The Greenwich Historical Society reserves the right to deny permission for the public use of any image in its collections and to impose such conditions as it may deem advisable in the best interest of the Historical Society.

Image Fees

Please Note: Image fees cover only the cost to obtain the images; publication/exhibition fees may also apply. Like publication/exhibition fees, image fees are charged per image. Payment of an image fee does not give the user permission to reproduce or distribute the image.

Image files are at least 300 dpi for an 8x10 inch image. Images are provided as high-quality JPEGs if delivered electronically (e-mail, Dropbox, etc.). There is a surcharge for delivery of images on a CD/DVD. Please specify preferred format and delivery method in request.

Standard Fee
Fee for Non-Profit
Existing digital image
New digital image*

* Staff will determine if object condition/format prevents the imaging of an item.

Publication Fees

Publication fees are assessed in addition to image fees. Patrons must read the applicable Publication Policies and complete an Application for Permission to Publish form.

If the owner of copyright is not the Greenwich Historical Society, the researcher understands the copyright holder may assess additional fees.

The publication fee is for one-time use only. Exceptions may be discussed with the Archivist.

Fees are per item. In certain circumstances, large requests may be discounted 10%.

Non-profit publication
Local, Regional publication
National publication
International publication
Multi-use (non-resale)
Temporary exhibition
Permanent exhibition

For more information or to order an image

Please contact:
Christopher Shields, Curator of Archives
(203) 869-6899 Ext. 23

Include the image title(s) and identifier number(s) for all items that you are interested in. Provide your name, e-mail address, mailing address and telephone number with all requests.

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